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Makeover your shoes – Before & after….

Have you ever bought shoes for a particular outfit that only get worn once or twice (wedding, work Christmas party or impulse purchase)? Don't throw away – makeover!

Renovate your shoes so you'll love them again! Dye is not just for the hair salon, and you don't need to do an apprenticeship to give your shoes a re-do.

If you're on the fence about a pair of shoes that fit well but the colours are no longer your thing, you will need:

1. Inspiration

2. Equipment and supplies

3. Enjoy!

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Think about a practical colour you'll wear, or try something wild! 

Lighter colours, like the beige panel here, will show a more dramatic colour change.

Brands such as Waproo, from your local shoe repair shop, have many great options to colour change or dye leather. .

Preparation with a stripper or primer is essential. Follow the instructions on the bottles.

Make sure you have protection for your hands and work surface.

Allow to dry & wear your 'new' shoes! This pair took about 30 minutes to change, plus drying time. 
Before… …Compare… …& After
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You'll be surprised how a little water, spray and elbow grease can revive your shoes: Cleaning advice to come…

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