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Upcoming Events 2023

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I am very happy to host fittings in my Sydney home, and have lately realised how easy & successful it is to consult and place orders via FaceTime!  I hold decades of fitting information, I feel confident to help many of you

Meet me at Home or on FaceTime

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When you know what you love, but it's time to update fast! I keep decades of fitting information, so it's especially easy for me to help if you've ordered before. Just call me on 0404 062 531 to schedule an appointment that

See me at Handmade Canberra – 29 & 30 July 2023

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Saturday 29 - Sunday 30 July 2023 Handmade Canberra Markets A unique event to connect the makers of beautiful things to people who appreciate quality, handcrafted and locally designed items. The attraction of this event is the careful selection of the participating retailers.

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